What is the Indigent Burial Program?

The Indigent Burial Program of Metro Social Services is a service for residents of Nashville who are unable to afford traditional burial services. The program provides a gravesite at Hills of Calvary Cemetery, a casket and vault, and a grave marker. Very often, several of these burials occur at the same time. However, there is often no family present or recognition of these persons place in the world at the time of their burial.

What is Call the Name?

Call the Name is a collaboration of clergy throughout Nashville representing a diverse set of faith traditions who are committed to recognizing and celebrating the dignity of all persons laid to rest as a part of this program by being present at their burial, making sure that their name is said aloud one last time, and offering a short ritual of committal in their honor. Clergy will provide this service on a voluntary basis and represent our city’s commitment to all of our citizens, no matter their situation.

Is Call the Name promoting a specific faith tradition?

Call the Name recognizes that those being laid to rest come from a variety of faith traditions or no faith tradition at all. Our goal is not to promote a single faith tradition, but rather to lift up the individuals being buried as people of sacred worth who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Our goal is to make sure that there is someone present who calls out their name and watches over them on behalf of any and all who loved them as they are laid to rest.

With the goal of being inclusive of all beliefs and understandings, we will provide a standard ritual to be used by clergy presiding over this time or remembrance and honor.