Clergy Information

How will this work?

The basic plan is simple:

  • Whenever Metro Social Services identifies a burial date, they will share the information including the names of the deceased with Call The Name.
  • Upon receipt, we will reach out to presiding clergy list to recruit two clergy persons to be present at the burial to offer a short ritual. The goal is to rotate among our recruited clergy to that most folks are only being asked to serve once or twice a year.

Are their limits to what can be offered?

One of the concerns that Metro government had with the program is the fact that we often don’t know the religious affiliation of the deceased and we want to be sensitive to being inclusive of all traditions — including no tradition at all. This is about the ministry of presence, being present with someone as they are laid to rest on behalf of any and all who loved them.

So, we are asking clergy participants to use the following formula in presiding at these burials:

Calling The Name
Leader: We gather today to remember the life of _____________, a resident of our city.

The Committal
This body we commit to the ground,
earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

We lift up all who mourn the loss of _____________,
and wish for them comfort and peace.
May this be a place of quiet rest
and may their name never be forgotten.

Silent Prayer
This is the moment when you can offer specific petitions to God as you understand God.

How do I sign up?

Please click the link below to sign up to be a part of Call the Name.